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Hodnet Parish is located in North Shropshire, in the West Midlands and is part of Lichfield Diocese.

We are two churches who together are looking to love God and serve Him in our rural area and further afield.

Have a look at our Statement of Purpose on the "About Us" section for more information.

We hope that you find what you are looking for here, if not please use the details under "Contact Us" and we will do our best to answer your query.

About Us

We are an Anglican church with two lovely historic buildings in different parts of the parish:
        * St Luke's Church in Hodnet, of Norman origin, is the Parish Church
        * The Chapel of the Epiphany at Peplow, a hamlet south of Hodnet.

We share the following Core Purposes -
Mission - to bring people of every age and background into a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
Community - to be a mutually supportive, caring community in which everyone has a part to play
Worship - to offer worship to God that is wholehearted, accessible and relevant
Discipleship - to enable people to grow in wholeness and Christ-likeness in their own lives and relationships
God's Kingdom - to change the way the world around us goes about its business

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Baptism and Thanksgiving
We welcome families who wish to bring their children to be baptised. A first step would be to attend a church service and introduce yourself, or to contact the Rector directly. We will help you to understand the significance of Baptism and what part the Church can play in your child's growth in faith. In it you make a commitment to Christ and to the nurture of your child in the Christian faith. As a church we promise to grow as part of the church. If all you wish to do is to express your gratitude to God for the gift of a child then an alternative to baptism would be a service of Thanksgiving.

If you are planning to get married the best way to do so is in church in the presence of God. To say your vows "in the sight of God" concentrates the mind on the seriousness of the commitment and expresses your need for the strength and help of God in your marriage.
You are eligible to be married in one of our churches if either of you are resident in the parish or one of you is a member of the electoral roll of either church. For non-residents to join the electoral roll it is necessary to have attended worship regularly for at least six months.
We believe in a loving and forgiving God and so Divorce is not always a barrier to being married in Church. If either of you have been divorced it's important to discuss this with the Rector, as an opportunity to learn from the past and to move on. Contact the Rector as a first step in your wedding plans.

The Church of England Marriage Measure 2008 became law in October
This new legislation, overwhelmingly passed by the General Synod, came into force on the 1st October 2008. This measure offers the Church new ways to clarify, reissue and celebrate its wider welcome, so as to meet the needs of couples requesting church weddings and to better integrate more of them into the ongoing life of the local church. It does not affect the existing right of parishioners but allows couples opportunity to marry in a church which has special significance for them, even though it is not where they live, without applying for a special licence. The changes will mean an engaged couple is welcome to be married in church in a parish if just one of the following applies: 

* One of them was baptised or prepared for confirmation in the parish;
* One of them has ever lived in the parish for six months or more
* One of them has at any time regularly attended public worship in the parish for six months or more;
* One of their parents has lived in the parish for six months or more in their child's lifetime
* One of their parents has regularly attended public worship there for six months or more in their child's lifetime;
* Their parents or grandparents were married in the parish.

Young people may be prepared for confirmation at any age from school year 6 and upwards. This is normally done in a group each year or every other year, which meets weekly for about 8 weeks. Adults may be confirmed at any age, and preparation for this may be done individually or in a group. Contact the Rector with any enquiries about confirmation.

For many people the subject of death is a very sensitive issue. When a loved one dies we are in a state of shock and bewilderment. The Funeral Director arrives to make the funeral arrangements and will ask you if you would like to go into church for the service or go straight to the Crematorium. All you need to do is tell the Funeral Director you would like a church service.

The funeral would be a service of thanksgiving with a personal tribute to the person's life. Because of time pressures at the Crematorium, I encourage you to use the church for a short service. Obviously I hope we never need to meet under sad circumstances but if we did I want you to know that your church cares very much and wants to support and comfort you.   

Rector's Message


Dear friends,

The “summer sun” has been wonderful, even if it was only for a week, unlike last year at this time when it was warm and sunny. Now it’s cold and wet. But we need the rain as much as we need the sun, and I always believe that God knows exactly what is right for us at the right time.
In just a few weeks our children and young people will be finishing school, and that’s when parents and grandparents could do with an extra pair of hands.
As Christians we need that help too, someone to help through the journey of life.  We need that extra pair of hands to hold onto when things get tough.
This past week we have celebrated the season of Pentecost in our churches, the coming of the Holy Spirit. Think of some time in your life when you wondered how you coped?  Well, that was God’s Holy Spirit, the extra pair of hands you needed at that time. And when God helps us, we can help others.
I wish everyone a “ sunny summer “ whether at home or abroad, and wish you all God’s Blessings.

Your Rector  Edith





Services for July 2019

Hodnet Peplow
   Sunday July 7th
   Trinity 3
     8.00 am Holy Communion 
     5.00 pm Songs of Praise
   Sunday July 14th
   Trinity 4
    11.00 am Holy Communion
   6.30 pm Evensong
  Sunday July 21st
  Trinity 5
    11.00 am  Holy Communion
  Sunday June 28th
  Trinity 6
    11.00 am  Morning Prayer
    9.30 am Holy Communion
  Sunday August 4th
  Trinity 7
    11.00 am Parish Communion

Monthly Pattern of Services within the Parish

Hodnet Peplow
1st Sunday 8.00 am Holy Communion     

11.00 am Family Service

2nd Sunday 11.00 am Holy Communion
6.30 pm Evensong
3rd Sunday 11.00 am Holy Communion
4th Sunday 11.00 am Morning Prayer
  6,30 pm Evensong
9.30 am Holy Communion
5th Sunday 11.00 am A single Parish Service of Holy Communion  at one of the churches


Officer Name Tel: Number
Parish Rector Rev. Edith Quirey
07578 603919   &
01630 684181
Hodnet Church Wardens Mrs Janice Parker 01630 685531
Mr Tim Preston 01630 685315
Peplow Church Warden
Mrs Elizabeth Downes
01952 840215

News and Events

The Parish News  (the new magazine)

If you do not receive a copy each month but would like to have one by email
please send your email address to;

The Editor at  


Hodnet News


Arts & Crafts Session.  Weekly Wednesdays 10.00am - 12.00pm
Art materials provided.  Tea and coffee provided.  An opportunity to knit or crochet poppies for our
Remembrance tribute or add a few tapestry stitches to our commemorative kneeler.

Happy Tots.  Fortnightly Fridays 10am - 11.30am on 12th and 26th July
We aim to give mums a chance to have a quiet cup  while the little ones
entertain themselves in their own special play area.

Church Rehearsals.

Children’s Choir:         Friday evening 6-7pm

Adults’ Choir:              Friday evening 7-8pm

Bellringing Practice:         Friday evening 7-8.30pm



On the following dates in July, Margaret and NykkO are holding some informal walk in and
walk out afternoon concerts.  They are going to play piano duets and solos  for most of the afternoon
but may also include some cello and organ pieces too.  Visitors are welcome to come and listen
to some beautiful relaxing music from the French, English and Russian genres. 
Anyone passing by and visiting the gardens or our lovely village can pop into church
and come and listen for as little or as long as they wish. 

The performances will take place on the following dates all starting at 2pm:
Wednesday 17th July and Wednesday 31st July
Sundays: 21
st July and the 28th July

There will be an Honesty Box at the back for any donations you may wish to leave.


Saturday 31st August - Good company singers.  More details to follow next month.

Friday 6th  September 7pm - ‘Last Night of the Proms’ by Fauls choir and musicians.

Sunday 15th September - ‘The Western Wind Mass’ by Taverner.  At St Luke’s Church - 3pm start with retiring collection and refreshments.

The Russians are Coming!  The Nikolsky Ensemble, a male vocal quartet will be at St Luke’s Church on Sunday October 13th performing Russian sacred music and also folk music!

Harvest Festival - 6th  October - leading up to the service we will be collecting non-perishable food donations into the Church for distribution to the local Food Bank in Market Drayton.  Spread the cost and start early!  Please leave donations at the back of church, ensuring use by dates extend to at least 2020.




For his sermon at the Morning Prayer service on 6th January – the Feast of the Epiphany – Bishop Michael of Lichfield said he was taking the words of the hymn ‘Brightest and best of the sons of the morning’ as his subject.  This hymn was written by Reginald Heber, who was the great-great-grandfather of  Sir Algernon Heber-Percy of Hodnet Hall.

Bishop Michael went on to say that on the same day four years earlier, he had celebrated the Epiphany in St Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata (originally Calcutta).  He was preaching beside a marble statue of Bishop Heber, who was the Second Bishop of Calcutta, which was why he was so delighted to be in Hodnet in the church where Reginald Heber began his ministry.

The statue in St Paul’s Cathedral was sculpted by Francis Leggatt Chantrey and there is also a marble monument of Bishop Heber by the same sculptor in St George’s Cathedral, Madras (now Chennai).  In Hodnet church in the Heber-Percy chapel is a monument  to Bishop Heber, sculpted by Chantrey.  There are also some beautiful coloured tiles laid in memory of Bishop Heber in the floor by the organ.  If you look on the front row of tiles, you will see these tiles in pairs which each have a bishop’s mitre and the initial R H in them.

So who was Bishop Heber? Reginald Heber was born in the rectory at Malpas on 21st April 1783.  Whilst at University in Oxford he became known as a poet.  After graduation he travelled widely in Scandinavia, Russia and Central Europe before being ordained in 1807.  He then took over his father's old parish of Hodnet where he began writing hymns and general literature. In all he wrote 57 hymns, mainly between 1811 and 1821.  The most famous and well-used of these are ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty’, ‘From Greenland’s icy mountains’ and ‘God, that madest earth and heaven’.

Reginald Heber was Rector of Hodnet from 1807-1822 before taking his young family out to India to become Bishop of Calcutta.  This title meant that he not only served the whole of the Anglican church in India but also Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and parts of Australia and southern Africa.  He served as Bishop of Calcutta for three years from 1823 until his untimely death at the age of 42 on 3rd April 1826 at Trichinopoly from a cerebral haemorrhage.  He is buried on the north side of the altar within St John’s church in Trichinopoly, where he preached his last sermon.



                                THE BELLS                                  

The eight bells of St. Luke’s were quiet for a while in September. The clappers, which strike the bell when rung, were in need of some repair.They swing on a pivot in the head of the bell, and the bushes, or the lining of the bearing, were badly worn. Work was last done on the bells in 1997, organised by the then tower captain, the late Gerald Mothershaw. Four clappers were replaced, and the other four were refurbished with new bushes and stainless steel pins. The bells’ supporting frames were also cleaned and repainted.
The replacement of clapper bushes is a job for a professional, so after removal by Geoff Smith and John Powell, they were taken to bellhangers, Whites of Appleton, near Oxford, to have the work done. Re-fitting in the bells was done on their return.
The octagonal bell tower at St Luke's is the only one of its kind in Shropshire. The belfry originally housed six bells which were then rung from the ground floor. They were cast by Thomas Rudhall of Gloucester in 1769. Two smaller bells were added in 1947 by Taylors of Loughborough, in memory of the fallen of the 1939-45 war.
Above the ringing chamber is the clock chamber housing a clock dated 1848 made by Joyces of Whitchurch. The clock was wound by hand every Friday until the summer of 2014, when the winding was automated.
There are eight bells in the tower weighing from 4 cwt (hundredweight) for the treble bell to 12 cwt for the tenor bell.
The bells are regarded as one of the best “eights” in Shropshire so are very popular with visiting ringers from all over the country. Learners or experienced ringers are most welcome at Hodnet, and as is common in most parishes, we are always looking for people to learn to ring.

Bellringing is considered good exercise and is thought to ward off dementia! If you would like to come and see what it’s all about, phone John Powell on 01630 685325.

 Peplow News


Sunday 14th July
Lee Brockhurst.  Approximately 3.5miles (2.5 hours).  Meet at the Old Kennels (over the bridge)
at 10.15am for 10.30am.

Coffee Morning

Friday 26th July from 10:30am        Martin’s - Highway Cottages

Book Club

Tuesday 23rd July at 8.00pm  Contact Louise Morris ( for titles and venue.


Peplow Sewing Group

The next meetings of 2019 will be on Wednesdays at 2pm at Rita’s House, Tunstall Farm.
 Wednesdays 3rd,  17th and 31st July
No meetings in August - starting back 4th September


Coffee Mornings in the Chapel are starting up again for the Summer, the next one being on Saturday 13th July, 10.30am to 12noon.
Everyone welcome and a chance to meet up for a chat.
This year due to the need for monies towards the Organ repairs we will be charging £1 for tea or coffee with free top-ups. Cakes will be at £1 per slice as per usual.
Please come along and catch up with what is going on.  See you there.


Marchamley News


Is having a break during July and August.  The  next meeting will be on Thursday 12th September at 7.30pm in Marchamley Club when we will discuss the two books suggested for summer reading.  These are ‘The Queen of Bloody Everything’ by Joanna Nadin and ‘The Secret Children’ by Alison McQueen.  Come along and join us for the book discussion, general chat or just a drink.  Everyone welcome! 


The following events are open to members and non-members alike – everyone welcome!

The Beauty, Health & Wellbeing Evening which was publicised last month as being on 28th June has been postponed and will now be on Friday 12th July  - doors open 7.00pm with talks starting at 7.15pm.  Admission is £7 per person which includes a glass of prosecco and a scone with strawberries and cream.  There will be a raffle with some amazing prizes and plenty of opportunity for trying various beauty and health products.

Marchamley Events

Marchamley Meanders’  - the afternoon of gardens open in Marchamley on 16th June raised a profit of £225 for The Children’s Music Fund in Hodnet.  The children thoroughly enjoyed solving the clues and finding a ‘golden pebble’ in each garden,  working out the final puzzle which was the word ‘honeybee’ and receiving their reward.  Thanks to all who supported the afternoon and enjoyed the delicious refreshments.  Most of all, thanks to the owners of the eight gardens, each of which was a gem in its own right.




Contact Us

For information about all activities within the Parish, services, weddings, baptisms, funerals etc. please contact the Rector: Rev. Edith Quirey  at;

    The Rectory,
    Abbots Way,
    TF9 3NQ
    Telephone: +44 (0) 1630 685491

Other Sites

Here is another site - - our village website - which may be of interest.